Set Tips

Being an extra can be fun and rewarding, and allow you to see firsthand how a set operates if you are trying to get into the business.  A set is a workplace above all and a busy hive of activity for all the departments working to create the project. It make look quiet or disorganized to the casual observer but there is always a lot happening at a very fast pace.

Here are a few general tips:

You will often not hear from casting about your booking until the night before as production schedules change, the casting office gets the specs from production, and then will contact you with the call times and locations.

We require confirmation emails from you, as shoots are tightly coordinated. Please email us that you are CONFIRMED in the subject line as well as in the body of the email. If you are confirming for more than just yourself, remember to list the name of each confirmed person and their cell phone number (If the actor is a minor, please also list their age.)

When you arrive, go directly to the casting table to sign in – you may be required to show ID, sign payroll forms and photo releases. There will be a casting wrangler there to escort you to your destination. Wandering around on set is never allowed.

Your designated call times are very important! You have often been scheduled with a wardrobe and makeup artist. Follow your instructions carefully as we will tell you everything you need to know including what to bring to wear, parking instructions or any other specifics.

While on set, or in the holding area you should never email pictures or even tweet, etc.  When we are wrapped; you are welcome to text, Facebook, email and Twitter away!!!!!!

Please keep in mind that minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. You must know and be prepared for that!  SAFETY is our first concern.

What to bring:  Wardrobe usually requests 3 -5 options to choose from, typically excluding busy patterns and plain white, black or red. Each project will have specific wardrobe details for you.

For your comfort: You will be on set for hours, remember to take consideration of your comfort! The set will usually have snacks, drinks, and food if you are working through a meal time. However, it’s always wise to bring your own special stash of  snacks and drinks! Also, there is a lot waiting time, so books, games, pillows and blankets are always a good idea on any extras gig. Try not to bring any valuables that you might lose or might be left lying around such as a purse, laptops, mp3 players… you get the idea.