Actors and Talent

Whether you are a new actor or accomplished with many great performances to your credit; there will always be the beast called the AUDITION. The audition is the most difficult part of the process for an actor and we try our best to remove as much stress as possible. Auditioning is part of the job, and it’s a skill that preparation and practice can help you slay. Your audition gives us an impression of who you are, and what your abilities are. There are so many factors out of your control “in the room”, you must treat it as “practice” for the real thing. With preparation you will be more equipped to relax into the role.

Before you step into the room, you should have made your decisions about your character. Think about what your character is thinking and doing. Ask yourself, what could have happened just before the line.  Think each line. Literally each line of dialogue has a specific purpose. As you go through the sides, make notes about what your “thoughts” are for each given line. For example, the line might be “Johnnny, not tonight I have a headache”, but really the thought might be “I’m still angry with you, or, lately I feel like you’ve been taking me for granted”. See how different the outcome can be when the thought is changed? Now, make a strong choice. Which way do you want to go with it? Commit to your choice. Right or wrong, it will make your performance more organic, and we can always redirect.

With each audition you’ll get sides and a character breakdown. Usually, the breakdown is short overview description, maybe just 2-3 lines. When I have more information, I will provide it, giving you all the ”tools” possible. I will always provide everything I can; your success is my success too! Take the time to utilize everything we give you, it will make a difference. Often, frankly, there isn’t a lot to go on. Your character is a person with a unique history with all of the other characters in the scenes you’ve been given. By creating a backstory, you will add depth and dimension to your performance.

Listen! Sounds obvious right? However, listening is a skill, maybe one of the hardest to acquire and perfect. Listen to casting instruction, and to the person reading with you. How are they delivering the lines? How does it make you feel? Perhaps the intonation implied something? Active listening is participating in the scene and the camera sees it. Also, if you don’t listen, you won’t be able to react appropriately to the person reading with you. LISTEN TO THE READER AND LISTEN TO THE WORDS YOU ARE SAYING!

Finally, when you finish, let it go! Please, for your friends, for your family, mostly for yourself, don’t torture yourself. Do your homework, go into the room and do your best, and then drop it. Chances are you won’t get any feedback, and there won’t be any constructive criticism coming your way afterwards. Treat it like it is another an opportunity to perform. Enjoy utilizing all the training and exercise your love of the craft! It is what got you to the point that you were called for the audtion!

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